Charles E. Stoll

Author of  Enigma & The Time Thief


Drunken Angel


Daisy Perlman is the uneducated, unloved daughter of a whore. Lacking any comfort or trust in her life, she develops a philosophy of life from her walks through the woods. She makes many mistakes due to her circumstances, including murder, but she becomes the best loved murderer and one of the most respected citizens in the town of Marmalade. Drunken Angel is the story from the eyes of a serial killer who regrets her actions later in life when she knows better. But it is precisely Daisy’s ignorance of the civilized world and her lust for life that will make you love her, too.


Charles Stoll, Author


Charles Stoll was born in Farmingdale, Long Island in 1956. He received the N.C.T.E. National Award in Writing in high school and attended Syracuse University.


His first book, Hanging in the Balance, was published in 1990.


He moved to Ormond Beach, FL in 1996, where he currently resides.

Charles worked in retail management until he retired in 2003 to write full time.


He has served as president for the Ormond Writer’s League (O.W.L.’s).

His novel, Enigma, Discovering the Moments That Form Your Life, was published in 2014 (Price World Publishing). "The Time Thief, Gatekeeper Press, 2015 and "Sorry and Morticum" Gatekeeper Press, 2016. All are available as e-book or soft cover.



Writing is his love and his therapy and he hopes it positively affects the minds and hearts of his readers.


Charles Stoll welcomes any comments or questions from his readers and can be contacted at

Sorry And Morticum


Welcome to Daytona, 3022. Much has changed. After peace reigned amongst the nations, there still came the Robotic, Insect and Climate Wars. Many of the formerly hidden creatures of the earth have risen to the surface.


Can Sorry and Morticum navigate their way through a world of mutants, ocean Sprites, Freemonkeys, Mutmuts and Seafog to save the planet? Suspend disbelief and dive in. We must examine the future to save the present.




Joshua Chambers finds himself examining the moments in his life that made him change his perspective, expand his world view, or move in a new direction. As the reader realizes what caused the change in each chapter, they will find themselves searching their own life for their own defining moments.


As Josh moves from innocent to less innocent loves, loses friends in a fire, builds a polar slide, attends an African baptism, speaks with a friend dying from AIDS and spends a brief stint in jail, he finally evolves into a conscious vibration. Enigma portrays philosophy, spirituality and sexuality as they actually exist in the present day.

The Time Thief


The Time Thief is one of those rare books in which each of the five main characters take on a true cause of their own: Professor Royale, whose time theories are unique and provocative, will make the reader reevaluate their own concepts of time. The professor’s father, Marvin, Sr., who seeks the sweet release of death, dances with a skeleton and meets God. The father’s caretaker, Mildred’s true purpose was not what she thought it was. The professor’s favorite students, Jacob, who puts words into action, and his girlfriend, Sarah, who puts action into words, and ends the Iraq War without offending either side.


You will never think the same way again.


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